Measurement is, I think, the first goal. And maybe this post is less of a fully-fledged "report" so much as it is a live exercise in what to report on, and an anything but comprehensive list to that end. Plus, there's the

  • Productivity: 1-10, maybe?
  • Producivity Notes: Notes on any specific productivity achievements, like whether all work tasks I wanted to complete were indeed completed. Same goes for home tasks.
  • Happiness: Again, 1-10?
  • Happiness Notes: What was working? What was not? Any context needed to identify whay drove success or failure needs to be outlined here.
  • Context Notes: Were we at home? Away? Vacation? These things are all relevant for a future audit.

That doesn't feel like a comprehensive list, but it's a working start--I anticipate adding additional metrics (or correlating labels) in the future, as well as identifying better ways to quantify thee intangible data.

The next question is how to measure. The best way is something that's a relatively instant input, so a short, sweet, and always-available means of capture will be necessary. Will have to either discover or work on some technology solution there.